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About Our Elders
Scripture has designated that it be the Elders of the church who possess the noble task of overseeing the church. Elders have responsibilities that are rather broadly defined: they exercise leadership, government and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of our church as well as the church at large, including ecumenical relationships. They also serve faithfully as members of the session.

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A.J. Ager           Israel Kreps
Art Baumann           Robert Kuntz
George Brown           Bill Lukes
Drew Kern           Mike Pappas
Jim Bozek           Joel Schaffer
Tim Brigham           Esmond Scott
Alex Castano           Pete Waldman
Felipe Gonzalez          



Scripture has designated that it be the Deacons of the church who lead the church in meeting the physical needs of people. In using the word lead what we mean is that it is every Christian's responsibility to care for the needy but it is the Deacons who are especially called to help regulate how the church carries that mandate out. Diaconal Ministries are those ministries which are overseen by the Deacons of Old Cutler. Each one works to meet the needs of the congregation of Old Cutler and our community. Services inlcude: Transportation, Hurricane Preparedness, Events and Assistance around the house.

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Adolph Barclay           Art Baumann           Anthony Nathan
Bill Kirtland           Steve Hendrikse
          Brett Hixon
Carl Greenwood           Russell Spatz
          Chuck Corson
Jeff Kinderman           Wally Allen           George Hoffman
Greg Law           Robert Wright
          Jeff Kinderman
Joel Davis           Keith Davis          
Sidney Indgin           Joe Sirgany
Peter Koltun           Richard Thomson          
Scott Tracy           Pete Caserta
Tom Springs           Keith Simpson



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