Student Leadership Update


Dear Student Leaders

After our experimental year last year we have done lots of thinking and praying about what student leadership will look like this year.  

In our efforts to always reflect and support our churches priorities and vision we are going to add small groups to our ministry.

This will look differently in each grade area (High School and Middle School).  

In High School we will be adding a separate time after youth group on Sunday nights.  Youth group is from 6-8 and Small Groups will be from 8:15-8:45.  These groups need to be signed up for and are a commitment starting Oct 7th.  If students would like to join group after we start in October they may do so when small groups start again on January 6th after Christmas Break.  Small groups will follow the youth group schedule, no youth group no small groups.

Middle School will have Break Out Groups that will meet during the regular scheduled youth group time.

The reason we exist as a ministry is to disciple students in the Gospel.  The manner in which we deepen this are these groups. You should sign up for small groups if you would like a mentor to help you grow in your faith.

The way we are altering Student Leadership is to offer the opportunity to be a Student Volunteer in the Middle School youth group.

A student Volunteer will be assigned to a MS Break Out Group that is being lead by an Adult Volunteer.  

They will assist the Adult group leader by:

  • focusing on building relationships with the students in their Break Out Group
  • helping maintain order in the Break Out time 
  • demonstrate appropriate behavior (self control, constructive sharing, love and support)             in the breakout time 
  • assist in the execution of the program during youth group

To be a Student Volunteer, High School Students must be:

  • confessing Christian
  • committed to a HS Small Group
  • commit to attend MS youth group regularly
  • in 10th grade or higher
  • maintain a God honoring lifestyle

So whats different?  

A focus on discipling your younger brothers and sisters in Christ as opposed to tasks.

A commitment to be discipled yourself,

The elimination of other meetings,

Restriction of age


Contact Matt or Ainslie soon to sign up to be a Student Volunteer

Matt Hedinger