BECOME: Jamaica


Join us for our second trip to serve in Jamaica!

Belong Believe Become are the core values of our youth ministry. Belong is about building and being a part of a community. Believe is our commitment to the truth of the Bible and its faithful teaching. Become refers to transformative experiences that help us grow to be more like Christ. The pinnacle of these experiences for High School is the trip to Jamaica.

Thanks to our partner in ministry, Jamaica Link, we are housed, fed and transported to sites they have longtime relationships with. We will be focusing on two of these. The first place, Westhaven, is a home for disabled children. The second is a community called Flankers.

Students who are interested in going need to

1. Fill out the application at bottom of this page.

2. Meet with Matt, Ainslie, Pete to go over their application

3. After they are invited to be on the team, parents need to sign the financial responsibility agreement (covering the cost of airfare should a student cancel)

4. Pay $100 deposit

5. Participate in Team Meetings and Training

6. Write support letters to friends and family.

Deadline to apply is March 11th

Interviews will take place on Sunday, March 17th in the Student Center Cafe from 10:15-11.

The Trip will be July 13th to the 20th (give or take a day based on airfare).

The cost of the trip will be approx $700 per person. Our goal is to raise these funds as a missionary would.