Not Pictured:Matt Hedinger and Margaret Miao


Flanker Peace and Justice Center

The Flanker Resource Centre (Peace and Justice Centre) is a non-profit Organization that seeks to enhance the economic, educational and social development of the Community which will by extension improve the citizens self esteem and community pride.
The Flanker Community has over 10,000 residents, with sixty percent of the population below the age of 30. Current estimates show that almost half of this group is undereducated and unemployable. Some of the other problems facing the community are: Poor parenting, Teenage pregnancy and low self esteem. It is because of this crisis that the Centre operates its many programs that are specifically targeted to reduce the problems identified.

These programs include: Mediation Services, a homework assistance program, adult education classes (remedial and CXC), Computer classes, a skills training program, a parent education program, job search assistance, a welfare program, a youth-at-risk program, a Marching Band, a Youth club, Senior Citizens Club, Flanker Folks Cultural Group, Flanker Performance and Creative Arts group, domino club, the Youth Crime Watch Initiative and our sports program. We feel that by giving the community a positive environment and plentiful resources they will have a more positive future.

With little resources available, the Centre (FPJC) benefits greatly from mission teams who donate supplies and money, conduct medical clinics and V.B.S.

Things they need

  •  Stationery Supplies

  •  Cash donations (to assist with paying staff and purchasing books)

  •  Volunteers (Events)

  •  Work Shops for staffs and community members

  •  Infrastructural repairs and painting

  •  Instruments for the marching band

West Haven Children’s Home

West Haven is an established charitable organization situated in western Jamaica. It was started in 1981 by a group of concerned citizens headed by Mrs. Gloria Veira, who through her work with the Family Court and Children services, became aware of the extent of neglect, abuse and lack of love suffered
by children who have mental or physical disabilities. The first cottage was opened in 1991. Now, thanks to generous donations from various organizations, there are five fully operational cottages that house over 82 children and adults (4 years – 37 years).

Westhaven wound not be able to function without the support of service clubs, schools, churches and mission teams. In September 2012 the school at Westhaven was opened thanks to the efforts
of Children with Disabilities Fund International (CDFI). There are two special education teachers who work with the children from Monday to Friday each week.


  • Clothing for children and adults age 3-30 (eg. T-shirts, knee length shorts)

  • Toiletries (deodorant, bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush etc.)

  • Diapers (adult – medium, Children – extra large

  • Twin bed sheets and pillow cases

  • Towels

  • Blankets (light weight)

  • Wash Rags

  • Pillows

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Sanitizers

  • Wheel Chairs

  • Ambulance Bed

  • Food Supplies (non perishable items, food supplements eg. Ensure)

  • Assistance with Structural Repairs

  • Painting

  • Medical supplies eg sterile gauze, digital thermometers, vitamins, cold meds for adult and children

  • Monetary Donations

The cost of the trip for airfare, transportation, housing and meals is aprox $1000.00 per person.

Additional funds will go directly to the needs listed above for each specific ministry.